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BondsBonds are not an insurance policy, however, many insurance carriers also have a bonding unit. The bond is a legal contract is which the bonding company provides financial support to the assured in a number of ways. The contract provides a guarantee to a third party for such things as the assured's performance, honesty, or reliability. Our agency represents many different bonding companies capable of providing any type of bond. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see the particular bond you are required to provide listed here.

Unclaimed Property Bonds
Our agency is very proud of the fact that we helped the State of CT develop the current form used for this bond. We are one of two agencies that are recommended by the State to provide you with this unique coverage. There are so many unclaimed items such as dormant bank accounts, life insurance proceeds, uncashed checks, and stock certificates to name a few that the State publishes a list of the individuals to whom these items belong to. The list is usually published once or twice a month in the newspaper. In order to claim your property, you will need to provide the state with proof that you are the individual entitled to claim this property. The bonding company we provide will certify to this fact and you can move on and collect your windfall.

Surety Bonds
This type of bond provides a financial guarantee to a third party that a contractor will complete a project within the specs of the contract. A performance bond is normally always required in the public sector and it has become more and more popular in the private sector. These bonds can be very expensive and the financial security of the bonding company is of the utmost importance to all parties involved. Our agency has the right relationships with multiple bonding companies to help you get your deal done. Please download the application on this page to apply for a performance bonding line.

Employee dishonesty coverage typically has a reduced limit or is excluded under a business insurance policy. This type of bond can protect a company or a third party from stolen money or property. Many janitorial and residential cleaning service companies have their employees bonded under this type of policy. It is also popular for the administrators of a non-profit organization to purchase this bond in order to protect their organization's funds. Please contact our agency should this type of property coverage make sense to your business.

These bonds protect individual trustees, executors, or an estate. Regardless of the type of bond needed, our agency can provide you with a quote if you download the application listed on this page.

This bond is required by law for any company that has a retirement plan for its employees. The amount of the bond protects the overall retirement fund assets from embezzlement by a trustee. This bond would not protect any of the trustees from a lawsuit filed by an employee, as this would be covered under a fiduciary liability bond. Please download the ERISA application on this page for a no obligation quote.

The state of CT along with many individual townships require a license bond for contractors and other businesses. Let our agency handle this paperwork for you.

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