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General Liability Insurance

General Liability InsuranceNo matter how large or small your business is, there are different types of liability that are inherent to your ownership. General Liability Insurance will cover your business for third party losses involving bodily injury, property damage to others, personal injury such as libel or slander, and advertising injury. These losses to another party could develop from the use of your company's product or simply a slip and fall on your property from a visiting client or even the mailman.

Professional Liability Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance can cover your business when you are sued for a financial loss due to malpractice or an error and omission (E and O).
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Contractor Liability Insurance
Contractor's Liability Insurance programs are specialized to include liability coverage for the completed operations.
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Environmental/Pollution Liability Insurance
Environmental/Pollution Liability Insurance is typically limited or excluded under a standard General Liability Policy.
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Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance
Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance can help save you for a lawsuit against your company that is generated by one of your own employees.
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It can be very confusing and a tall order to try and grow your business while constantly assessing your risk and liability exposures. Let our trained business professional relieve you of this burden.

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