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Individual Insurance Benefits

Individual Insurance BenefitsAs your personal assets or your business grows, your needs change almost every day, Silas Chapman & Company will analyze your needs, and offer our professional expertise. Because Silas Chapman & Company is an Independent Insurance Agent, we have the flexibility to select the insurance company that's right for you.

If you've ever been injured or sick, you certainly know the importance of having insurance.

Are you interested in learning about the types of coverage that are available, how much coverage you need, the differences between this plan and that one, how you can achieve your retirement goals? If you are looking for answers to questions like these the insurance professionals at Silas Chapman & Company can answer your questions and assist you in making the right decisions.

As an independent, full-service insurance agent Silas Chapman & Company can assist you with your health, life, disability and other insurance needs to help protect you, your family and your business. We choose to represent only the leading insurance companies and the best options available today for health, life, disability insurance and your retirement needs. Silas Chapman & Company can help streamline the process and help you to make the right decisions for you, your family and your business.

Individual Health Insurance
The benefit professionals at Silas Chapman & Company are here to help you obtain individual health insurance and service your account after you obtain your insurance. With our expertise we can help you navigate through the maze of Connecticut's health insurance market. All of your questions are welcome by our friendly customer service team.

If you are looking for answers about affordable Health Insurance call a benefits specialist at Silas Chapman & Company for a quick no obligation quote and get the answer and the price you're looking for.
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Individual Life Insurance
Your need for life insurance is dependent on your personal and financial needs and goals. As your life changes, your life insurance coverage may need to be updated to adapt to your new needs.
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Individual Term Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance provides protection for a specified period of time. Initially the cost is low for this type of plan, but premiums will increase as you age.
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Individual Whole Life Insurance
Unlike term insurance, whole or permanent life insurance has no specified term, subject to policy conditions. A whole or permanent life policy accumulates cash value and calls for premiums to be paid for as long as the insured lives.
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Mortgage Protection Insurance
Mortgage Protection life insurance can provide benefits for your family to pay-off the outstanding mortgage balance or provide income for future payments. It can make the difference in your family keeping their home or losing it.
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Individual Disability Insurance
Sudden illness and serious accidents can result in the loss of income, which is critical to most people and their families.
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Long-Term Care
Long-term care is the assistance that is provided to people who are unable to perform daily living activities that healthy, fully-functional people do independently and on a daily basis.
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